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Modern lifting treatments

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So far, humanity has not yet found a way to aging the body. You cannot prevent the deterioration of the body's tissues over time, you can only delay this process, try to minimize its effects and repair the damage.

Many people feel the effects of aging skin on the face and body as a whole. Hence, lifting and other rejuvenating treatments constitute a large part of the offer of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine salons.

Clients and clients are able to pay a lot to look younger, but they expect not only fast and lasting results of the procedure, but also safety and a short recovery time. The market of aesthetic medicine services is extremely dynamic and newer and better methods appear every now and then. Of course, it has a largely commercial dimension - plastic surgeons and beauticians want to earn as much as possible, but it is also important to care for the patient's well-being.

So how should a modern rejuvenating treatment be? Of course, it is effective, which means that it significantly improves the condition and appearance of the skin. Maximum non-invasive, i.e. the least interfering with the tissue and disturbing its continuity. As a result, it is also safe, which is additionally ensured by the use of non-allergenic preparations and carefully designed instruments. As least painful as possible, preferably not requiring anesthesia. Has the lowest risk of undesirable side effects. And finally, as little as possible limiting daily activity, i.e. requiring minimal or even no recovery period.

Examples of treatments that meet these criteria include lifting threads, photorejuvenation, non-ablative laser treatments, laser peeling, injection of platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid or polylactic acid, endermology or carboxytherapy.

Most of these methods are aimed at stimulating the work of cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen, because it is its loss that causes wrinkles, loss of firmness and density, and the fall of the face oval.

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