Thursday, 15 September 2022 18:51

Soup - a way to cleanse the body in summer

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Fried fish, French fries, ice cream - during the holidays we are more likely to eat fatty and hard-to-digest dishes. Therefore, in summer, it is worth taking particular care of cleansing the body and stimulating the metabolism to work.


- For me, such a way to prepare the body is to eat cooked, semi-liquid things. What could it be? Nothing else than our tasty, traditional Polish soup. - says Monika Honory, author of the Przemian program for - The soup is semi-liquid, boiled, and this is a fantastic alternative for our body to cleanse our intestines and detoxify the whole body - she adds.

Simple and quick to prepare, the soup is a source of essential, easily digestible nutrients and minerals. Despite their low calorific value, they are very filling, filling the stomach for a long time. The benefits of eating soups include cleansing the body and loss of excess water, and thus weight reduction.

In the summer season, it's best to eat soups made of fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish. We can also take care of carbohydrates in the form of rice, groats and pasta. If we prefer cold soups, it is worth cooking the vegetables that we use for such soups. Why? Therefore, because those that are raw, they are harder to digest for the body.

- In this way, the body, which will additionally have more energy, will surely be well prepared for the summer. After the holiday, I also encourage you to apply the "soup cure", thanks to which we will cleanse the body of what we ate during the holidays - adds Honory.