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High gloss bedroom

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Behind the bed, a shelf on wheels, 2 drawers underneath, and bedside tables next to it. In addition, a chest of drawers consisting of a different number of drawers and cabinets with shelves, as well as a 3-door wardrobe with drawers.

High gloss furniture, white or mocca. All this is a recipe for a bedroom that will be decorated in shades of white and gray.

Customers in Poland can buy Danish furniture from the Naia collection, which are made of foil and varnished furniture board. High gloss varnishing not only gives an aesthetic impression, but also reduces the susceptibility to dirt and increases water resistance. These products are certified taking into account the environment and people, so they are characterized by the absence of harmful emissions, and have passed durability tests.

The body and fronts of the furniture are 15 mm thick, while the top is 22 mm thick. The fronts of their drawers were cut at an angle of 30 degrees so that they also acted as a handle. Metal guides with ball bearings are used. The doors of the cabinets do not have handles, because the push-click system was installed in them.

A bed with complementary elements.
The bed, which includes a headrest and a center rail supporting the frame, has the dimensions of 160 x 200 mm. This product is intended especially for spouses who appreciate subtle elegance. The stable structure, made of furniture board, will ensure peaceful nights for years, while the high-gloss finish will make every morning more pleasant.

A rack for use behind the bed is available and consists of 8 shelves arranged in 2 sections. The equipment with wheels makes it easy to adjust it to the space we have. The piece of furniture will work both as a replacement for popular bedside tables, but also as an additional element in the bedroom for all necessary items.

Under the bed, from the collection available at Mebleepumo.pl, you can also buy drawers, which are sold in sets of 2. Like the bookcase, they are intended for people who live according to the principle that everything has its place. Drawers will be a good place to store bedding, towels or linen.

The bed's equipment will be complemented by bedside tables, consisting of 2 spacious drawers, which will be used to store your favorite books. To make the moments before bedtime even more pleasant, you can put a bedside lamp on them.

Several versions of chests of drawers.
Naia chest of drawers is available, among others in version:
- 6 drawers arranged in 2 rows
- 5 drawers in 1 row
- 4 drawers and 2 closed cabinets with 2 shelves.

This piece of furniture facilitates the organization of space and is intended for those who do not like to show unnecessary things. In spacious drawers and shelves, you can store not only underwear or towels, but also books and gadgets related to beauty. With due grace, on the chest of drawers, we will display important awards, cups or simply family photos. Thanks to this, we will remember every day what is important to us. Although at first glance, the piece of furniture seems inconspicuous, its charm will add notes of style and elegance.

3-door wardrobe with 2 drawers.
The wardrobe consists of 3 hinged doors, behind which there are 3 shelves on one side and a bar for hangers on the other. In addition, there are 2 drawers at the bottom. This piece of furniture, from the collection sold by Mebleepumo.pl, will accommodate clothes, bedding, blankets or a vacuum cleaner. It is not too overwhelming, so it will contribute to the atmosphere of relaxation that should prevail in the bedroom.

This furniture is available on the Polish market in both white and mocca. They fit especially into minimalist bedrooms, which are decorated in shades of white and gray. Gray, on the walls, can be either paint, brick or plastic panels. In addition, this universal color can also be used for the floor, in the form of an industrial and cold floor. However, people who want to insulate the interior can install light-brown parquet. Colorful rugs of various shapes and sizes will add character to the bedroom. After leaving such a bedroom, we will be fully ready to face the next day.

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