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What do luxury yachts hide?

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A garage for a speedboat, space for a helicopter, quad bikes, miniature submarines and swimming pools are just some of the things luxury yachts can have. Among the most unusual orders was, for example, a special karaoke room below the deck. The yacht market is growing all the time, also in Poland.


- Poland is the largest producer of yachts up to 9 meters. Most, as much as 90 percent. of them is exported. Our internal market is growing every year. Society is becoming more and more prosperous. We want to choose something more than a second house, an apartment - says Przemysław Tarnacki, multiple world and Polish champion in sailing, ambassador of Cosmopolitan Warsaw.

Until December 4, you can admire the ultra-modern Volvo Roca catamaran under the glass patio of the Cosmopolitan Apartment Building. It is the only and unique opportunity for the inhabitants of Warsaw to see this extraordinary sea car up close. It is here that in the spring of 2017, multiple world champions in sailing, Przemysław and Piotr Tarnacki, will attempt to break the Polish speed record in shipping.

The Phantom International class catamaran is made of materials used in the space industry (Carbon, Kevlar, Spectra). Its special design allows it to fly on hydro-wings over the water at speeds of up to 80 km / h. A 10-meter mast, 5-meter floats, weighing only 155 kg, give an idea of ​​how extreme a boat we are dealing with.

It is the only unit of this type in Poland. To master it, you need great sailing skills and experience. We are pleased to be able to show it to a wider audience who is not able to participate in sailing competitions on a daily basis. For these few, special days, Cosmopolitan becomes our catamaran's marina, which can be visited by entire families with children, says Przemysław Tarnacki.

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