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Perfect fridge

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The moment has come when your old, worn-out refrigerator refused to obey. It operated for 8 years until it finally came to an end.

Regardless of whether she "died" a natural death as a result of exploitation, or you helped her in this improper use, you need to buy new equipment. A refrigerator is an indispensable device in your home. Well, unless it's winter and you intend to freeze food on the windowsill on the outside of the building, as in the old, old academic times ...

What kind of fridge to buy?

As a man, you pay attention primarily to automation. The equipment you have purchased is primarily to be functional. The price, as long as the device is actually worth it, does not matter. What's the fridge of your dreams? Energy-saving. You are only interested in the highest energy-saving class A ++. The second criterion that must be met by the refrigerator you choose is failure-free operation. Although the latter only worked for eight years, you want the new one to work even longer ... So what is the best fridge to choose?

Innovative solutions

Now that you know how to choose a refrigerator, it's time to show off innovative solutions. Indeed, they have a reason to be proud. Their refrigerators not only work efficiently and for a long time, but they also diagnose the type of fault themselves. All you need to do is hold your mobile phone to the refrigerator and it will generate a signal with the error record. In turn, the phone will send it to the appropriate service. For the manufacturer of refrigerators, such a solution saves money, for you it means shorter waiting time for repairs. The Smart Diagnosis system allows you to diagnose the problem immediately, without calling a specialist or even leaving your home.

Another noteworthy technological solution in refrigerators is the Total No Frost system. Thanks to it, no frost will ever appear inside the refrigerator. It also eliminated the troublesome problem of defrosting the device. The air inside the refrigerator is constantly circulating, which means that it does not freeze, despite the relatively low temperature. In addition, the Door in Door function reduces the opening of the device to a minimum. As the name implies, the "door-to-door" system consists of placing one from the door ... into the other. All this to facilitate access to products and minimize temperature fluctuations inside the device. In summary, it is a perfect fridge.

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