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It is worth choosing organic cotton

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Many people choose clothes made only of natural materials. Most often it is cotton, as it is easily available, inexpensive and universal - it can be used to sew most types of clothes. It does not always dominate the raw material composition, but it is a greater or lesser admixture.

When choosing cotton, many people feel that they are buying a natural product, which is safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly. But is it really so?

Unfortunately, there is no point in deluding that conventional crops are chemical-free. Industrial agriculture aims to achieve the best possible yields in the shortest possible time and with the least possible expenditure. This means chemical weed and pest control, intensive fertilization and mechanical harvesting. It is inevitable for all this chemistry to penetrate into the harvest, which is what we consumers feel.

Hardly anyone realizes that the production (because production is the best word) of cotton occupies the leading positions on the list of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers supply, and also consumes huge amounts of water. Plantation workers (in many cases children) are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals, causing many of them to become ill. They can count on a wage that barely covers their daily nutritional needs.

And only thanks to this, a cotton T-shirt can sometimes be bought for literally a few zlotys. However, you have to reckon with the fact that you are buying a large dose of chemicals at the same time. This should be remembered especially by future parents who choose cotton clothes for babies, because it is such a natural fiber ...

However, we have a choice and we do not have to accept the poisoning of us and the environment with chemicals. Just choose clothes made of organic cotton. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is a truly health-friendly material. When grown, only natural (i.e. plant) substances are used to promote growth and protect against insects, and the harvest is done by hand, which makes the fibers soft and durable at the same time. Organic cotton is dyed only with natural dyes.

As always, quality costs money and you have to pay more for an organic cotton t-shirt than for a conventional t-shirt. However, it will not argue, shrink or stretch, so it will last much longer.

Organic cotton is recommended especially for infants, toddlers and people struggling with skin problems (eg atopic dermatitis).

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