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Livigno or "Little Tibet"

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The town gained its nickname due to the cold and dry climate there. Livigno is one of the most important ski resorts in the Alps and stretches through 14 kilometers of the valley between its Swiss counterpart Engadin and the Italian - Valtellina.

The described resort offers 115 km of slopes and 33 lifts, plus 40 km of cross-country trails on perfectly shaped terrain, as if made for this sport. The data alone clearly shows why Livigno is so popular among skiers and fans of winter sports, including Poles.

What to expect?

When going to Livigno to ski, skiers receive two types of ski passes - one to use the lifts only in this specific resort (Livigno), and the other (Alta Valtellina), which allows you to use the lifts and slopes of Bormio, S.Caterina and Validentro resorts. and S. Colombano. The offer free of ski passes is valid in December, just before Christmas, and then at the very end of the season, in April. Due to its geographical location, Livigno always has a lot of snow in winter and the season is at its best from the end of November to the beginning of May, guaranteeing very good skiing conditions. There are 12 difficult, black runs for experienced skiers in the village, the most demanding of which is Scoiattolo. It starts at an altitude of 2,700 m - that's just a challenge! Intermediate skiers will appreciate 37 red runs, and beginners - 29 easy ones. You will find the routes on both sides of the valley, but most of them are marked on the side of the Vetta Blesaccia and Carosello peaks.

Livigno from a bird's eye view

Apart from the excellent skiing conditions, the town itself, its buildings and architecture with wooden houses (Baita) is also very charming. Livigno is situated at an altitude of 1816 m and it is already high, although one of its parts, Trepalle, lies at 1900 - 2250 m, being the highest located settlement in Europe, permanently inhabited. Taking advantage of its border location, Livigno is a duty-free zone, which can be an additional attraction for tourists who are tired of actively practicing sports.