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School trips - responsibilities of the organizers

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A child's participation in a school trip is often a source of parental distress. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your child is safe and the caregivers are trustworthy, find out in advance what duties rest on the educators and what useful information you should assimilate.


Guardian or manager

A school trip manager is a person who has completed the school trip manager course and can confirm his qualifications by presenting the appropriate qualifications of a tourist guide (both a leader and qualified tourism instructor) or a scout instructor. The guardian may be a teacher or another adult person appointed to do so, who has obtained the director's consent. The manager is responsible for transport, meals and accommodation for all participants of the trip. It must also provide access to a first aid kit and familiarize participants with the health and safety rules, which must be strictly adhered to. When the tour is over, the manager makes a financial recap. The tutor of the school trip, in turn, looks after the students and works closely with the manager in terms of implementing the trip schedule. Its tasks also include the task of checking the number of participants each time - both before setting off from any place of stay, during the tour and after reaching the destination.

Different in the mountains, different over the water

While resting by the water, the participants of the excursions are allowed to bathe and swim only within the boundaries of the swimming pools and bathing areas designated for this purpose. If swimming lessons are also planned during the course, it can only be carried out under the constant supervision of a lifeguard and a tour leader, in designated and indicated places. The floating equipment is at the disposal of people who have received appropriate training in its operation, and kayaks and boats intended for use by tour participants must be equipped with rescue equipment. When it comes to hiking or skiing, in mountainous areas, within nature reserves and national parks and areas that lie more than 1000 m, these can only be led by tourist guides. They are also responsible for the group's training in mountainous areas, off the ski and hiking trails.

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